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I’m the life coach for all things YOU! 

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About Darcy

Hi, I’m glad you’re here

Hey there, I’m Darcy.  My husband, Terry, and I have been married almost 35 years and have two dynamic adult daughters.  I was a paralegal before kids and then a mom-at-home/school volunteer, for 22 years or so.  I found life coaching in 2018 and became a Certified Life Coach in 2020. Since then, I’ve been helping women stop the tug-of-war with themselves and start creating peaceful, loving  relationships with themselves and others.

My personal coaching journey has changed (and continues to change) all areas of my life and I’d love to help you create the change you seek!

Work with me

When it comes to you, you know best, no really, you do!

Inherent to diet culture is that the diet knows how to take care of you better than you do yourself. 

In order to start a diet, somewhere we have decided we can’t be trusted to make basic decisions about what food and how much food to eat.  We’ve decided to OUTSOURCE all of these choices by following a program that does not take our humanity into account. 

Quite simply and profoundly, diets teach us and continually reaffirm that we can’t be trusted with these choices.  I’m here to tell you that it’s time to INSOURCE our food/eating decisions…we get to like what we eat and decide what to eat based on what we want, not what we think we should have to create movement on the scale.

Creating a peaceful relationship with food takes a sizeable paradigm shift for most of us because we’ve grown up in diet culture AND this shift is possible.  I can help you make this shift…it’s time to take your life back!


Real Clients

I’ve come a long way since working with Darcy. I originally reached out to her for help with weight loss but quickly realized that she was helping me with things that were so much more important than that. I am so much more at peace with me because Darcy helps me think about things so differently. She helps me dig deeper into my thoughts during our weekly meeting or after a message. I’m so grateful for her.

Client "A"

I’d been looking  into this “thing” called intuitive eating. Darcy is a coach versed and dedicated to this process and it is cutting edge! My work with Darcy is centered around deconstructing diet mentality, literally letting go of the bill of goods we have been sold as women that are based in non truths. If you had asked me if I still held some of these beliefs, I would have scoffed and said,”no”.  However, Darcy is a skillful listener and asks just the right questions to unearth these beliefs, just below the surface.

Who knew the work would be about reclaiming my sense of self apart from weight or size? Who knew the work was about trusting my body cues and not making myself wrong for any choice around food in order to bring myself back in balance?

Working with Darcy is leading me home to the sanctuary of myself and freeing me of so many limiting beliefs. She does this with compassion, grace, insight and humor.

Client "M"

Working with Darcy is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself. Instead of my usual I-want-to lose-weight goal she has helped me identify and specify what I really want: make better decisions for myself, not from fear but from improved self-care. She’s there with me for the daily struggles and uncannily is always able to recognize my wins even when I don’t! If you are looking for an attentive, compassionate, smart and savvy coach who will help you get out of your own way then you owe it to yourself to work with Darcy.

Client "C"

You’re not the problem, you’re the solution

Dieting is all about different strategies to “beat the system,” you know, tricking our bodies to release weight.  The problem is WE ARE THE SYSTEM… why treat ourselves with anything other than loving self care? It really can be as simple as: if you’re hungry, eat something. 

I can show you how.  Schedule your free Zoom call with me today. Let’s do this!